Solutions Center Inc.

was incorporated February of 2003, originally servicing  the areas

 of Rizal and Marikina. Our Jose Mari Gamboa  together with wife, Cynthia Catherine Z. Gamboa having extensive selling and management experience being one of the  distributors of a leading fast moving consumer goods  multinational companies , both food and non-food categories acquired the Company in 2009.



  In 2011,  Solutions Center Inc. acquired the area of Pasig City and has transformed

the area in all performance parameters of volume, retail  and  channel development.


  Today, Solutions Center Inc. is  propelled by   a robust and high performing operations, 

sales  and financial management team who are empowered, enabled to make the Company  grow and achieve volume and financial targets.


  Solutions Center’s Management values and attitudes can be summarized as follows:

We are internally committed to an objective. We lead by example. We believe in a people-centered organization. We are receptive to new ideas and we foster mutually beneficial

business relationships with our principals  We value trust and integrity. We operate based

on consistent performance and meritocracy.